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Stable, family company with a thirty-year tradition. But also modern, progressive, and responsive to current market needs. There is no other brand that describes us better than Vitamaxima which has been with us since the very beginning and has gone through many changes. Nowadays, a range of original and modern commodities reflect Vitamaxima in their product name. Vitamaxima - always with us, always one step ahead.

Free translation of Vitamaxima from Latin expresses vitality of the body and soul at the peak. And that is exactly the content of each of our product. High content of vitamins and minerals makes the drink literally an "elixir vitae".

After 30 years, we have innovated the entire portfolio. We focus on healthy food with high added value. We are building a comprehensive offer in the field of sports nutrition. You can choose from protein porridges, energy drinks enriched with vitamins to delicious bars.

Where to buy these products?

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