Production plants

Production plant KOŠÍKOV

Production plant KOŠÍKOV produces dry instant drinks and food. Dry mixtures are packed in a variety of packaging from single-portion packing to large gastronomic and vending packagings. We use modern flexible technologies made in the Czech Republic.

In production, extreme emphasis is placed on quality. Multi-stage control of both the input raw materials and the output products fully complies with IFS Food (International Featured Standard) certification standards.

To ensure the highest levels of quality, everything takes place in a controlled environment (temperature, humidity) enhanced by use of food friendly resources (pneumatic transport). This results in products which always meet the requirements of top quality and safety.

BIOGENA production plant

BIOGENA manufacturing plant produces teas and tea blends. In our portfolio you can find both real teas and herbal and fruit teas. We have packaging technologies used in production of portioned and loose teas as well as teas for mass catering.

We prepare tea blends according to our own recipes, for which we carefully select high quality ingredients from all over the world, including BIO ingredients. Our teas feature non-traditional combinations of fruits and herbs, thanks to which they are unique and exceptional.

Our priority is to offer our customers safe food of top quality. Therefore, the production follows very strict criteria defined by the international standard IFS Food (International Featured Standard). Last but not least we hold the BIO certification, so we produce teas in BIO quality as well.

At the same time we try to ensure that the packaging in which our products are packed reflects the high quality of the content inside. That is why the design of our packaging is as unique and exceptional as our teas, as evidenced by number of design awards, such as "Packaging of the Year" or "Design touch".