Our story

"We founded AG FOODS company in 1990. There were just two of us and we had one single product, a whey multivitamin drink called Vitamaxima. But on top of that we were strongly determined to succeed with a simple idea - We make sure everything we do smells great.

Today the company employs over 200 people and our portfolio includes more than 400 of our own products, however we stay devoted to the original idea.

We still love to produce, buy and distribute high-quality products made from the best ingredients. We are a company you can rely on and our customers can fully trust us in all aspects. Our employees must feel good with us and be part of the family. We always enjoy coming up with new products and invent original recipes.

Therefore today, being more than a quarter of a century on the market, we can proudly say that AG FOODS is a child that has grown into a successful, reliable, and yet still a family company. And that even after all those long years, we make sure everything we do smells great! And by the way, Vitamaxima is still part of our portfolio. ”

JIŘÍ JÍZDNÝ, Founder and co-owner of the company






production plants

AG FOODS Group a.s. company has been specialized in production and sale of beverage mixes since 1990. During this period we have gone through various stages of development. Below you can see the crucial milestones of the "life" of our production plant.

  • 1990
    AGROINFORM compnay established, founded by Ing. Jiří Jízdný.
  • 1993
    The first multivitamin drink called Tropical Vitamaxima produced
    2 employees
    1 product
    1 country
    strong determination
  • 1996–1999
    Setting up sister companies in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. In 1999 the company was renamed to AG FOODS s. r. o.
  • 2002
    Opening a new production and business centre in Košíkov at Velká Bíteš.
  • 2010
    Sale of the company to the Dutch investment fund AVALLON MBO FUND .
  • 2013
    Acquisition of BIOGENA CB spol. s r. o. company specializing in the production of premium fruit, herbal and real teas according to our own recipes using ingredients from all over the world. BIOGENA cooperates closely with Czech suppliers and finds ways to extend the use of local resources.
  • 2017
    Shares of AG FOODS Group bought by Jiří Jízdný and Orestes Żukowski.
    212 employees
    518 products
    Over the 400 accomplished developments
    Over 5 600 tonnes of production
    2,5 million of tea bags per year