Company values


We keep our promises. We are responsible to ourselves and to our environment.

Target oriented and enthusiastic

We know what we do, why we do it and for whom we do it. And we are happy to do it.


We are polite, open, and honest, even if no one is watching.


We listen, we respect each other, and we support each other to strengthen the environment of trust.


We are extremely flexible. We make thoughtful decisions at the right time and in the interest of our company and our customer.

Tenets of AG FOODS quality

We are a reliable business partner. We act ethically inside and outside the company. We fulfill our commitments and goals and emphasize teamwork.

We are enthusiastic to develop original and refine existing recipes for our customers. We deliberately perceive their needs and follow latest trends to become a leader in our field.

We constantly monitor and evaluate the level of customer satisfaction and the quality of our services. By sharing our experience we help customers with their business.

We choose our suppliers of raw materials, goods, packaging, consumables, and services with discretion and determination . We regularly evaluate the level of cooperation, production processes and the quality of the delivered goods.

We are responsible for the environment. We prevent waste generation, provide sorting, recycling, and reduce the level of energy used during production.

We create a friendly environment for employees. We believe that a motivated, educated, and satisfied employee wants and is able to take personal responsibility for the work performed.

We apply new control procedures to increase the quality , health harmelessness and safety of our products. We respect the established processes and responsibly contribute to their continuous improvement.

The quality of products and services is the responsibility of all company employees in their day-to-day operations. We are committed to meet legislative requirements and adhere to the set principles of IFS.

FaceUp Platform Form is here for anyone who wants to bring to the attention of AG FOODS management corrupt practices, problems in the workplace or their wishes that would lead to strengthening our values and corporate culture.

Access via this link on this page is anonymously encrypted, but you can also use the form directly on the page After entering it, click on "Create a report" with the bubble symbol in the top right corner of the page, then select "My Organisation" and use the passcode abmyq6u84x. Once the anonymous submission is saved, a security key will be generated, after which you can enter the "Check Alerts" entry to enter the chat and read the reply. The Director of Human Resources will have access to the submitted documents and will comment on them. She will then act on her own or forward the submission to the appropriate persons (management, lawyer, interview with a specific employee...).