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We are IFS certified. The organization IFS (International Featured Standards) is a non-profit organization that governs international standards IFS Food, IFS Logistics, IFS Cash & amp; Carry, IFS HPC and IFS Brokers.

The main goal of IFS is to create a common standard with a unified evaluation system which will be accredited and able to compare and transparently assess quality within the entire supply chain.

In another words, it is a food safety certification. It ensures that the organization adheres to strict rules of hygiene, safety, control, and other parameters.

German (HDE), French (FCD) and Italian (ANCC, ANCD) retail associations in cooperation with manufacturers, certification bodies and users of the standard participated in creation of IFS standards. The standards relate to product safety, compliance with legislative requirements and quality management system and they have been designed to help organizations meet customer requirements.

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Our production is BIO certified. This means that we can process BIO raw materials and further refer to the output product as an organic product.

An organic product is a product (raw material) that can be of plant or animal origin, originating from organic farming.

Their production must not use artificial fertilizers, treatment agents or other substances that disturb or do not occur naturally in the environment. The producer of organic products is obliged to have a proper contract on organic quality control with an officially recognized control organization, which controls compliance with the statutory guidelines for organic farming in the entire process of organic product production (establishments, warehouses, packing plants, transport). The basic legal regulation that regulates the principles of organic farming in the Czech Republic is Act 242/2000 Coll. on organic farming, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, and European Council Regulation No. 834/2007.

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We are participating in the EKO-KOM waste management system

We are subject to legislation governing waste management. The main goal of legislative obligations is to reduce the content of heavy metals and hazardous substances in packaging and to minimize the volume and weight of packaging while adhering to requirements imposed on the packaged product.

Packaging is defined in three basic categories: sales, group, and transport packaging. The amount of packaging placed on the market is monitored. However, there are also ecological aspects that are being addressed, such as the packaging composition, returnability, recycling and other issues.

We are part of the EKO-KOM system which is the Czech leader in this area. On the base of contracts, the system financially supports primarily waste management systems in municipalities and implements other programs to support the use of packaging and to optimize their collection. Cooperation with collection companies and waste treatment companies is also developing successfully. EKO-KOM cooperates with municipalities so that the local waste management system allows consumers to dispose of used packaging in the system of collection, sorting, and utilization of municipal waste.

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