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Are you looking for a manufacturer of your private label? You are at the right address. We can provide comprehensive solutions in the field of instant drinks and food. From product development, production, packaging design, packaging, to delivery. Everything according to your requirements with respect to composition, quality and style - from the original idea to the final product.

Private label

private label expert

  • 5 international offices . We have experience with the international environment, different food standards and logistics.
  • 2 production plants in the Czech Republic. We have various technologies with further setting options.
  • Reasonable MOQ . We are flexible and we will propose reasonable minimum order quantity according to the scope and complexity of the order (packaging requirements, recipe…).
  • Extreme flexibility . We can pack basically any quantity. From single-portion packages to several-kilo bags.
  • Own development . We can offer both our own recipe and develop a special product according to customer requirements.
  • Quality certification . IFS, Organic, Rainforest certification. Quality is our top priority.

We offer a wide portfolio in private labels

  • Coffee . Instant coffees, beans, cappuccinos, with milk, with sugar… For use in various types of operations with respect to the method of the drink preparation.
  • Tea . Infusion teas, loose mixtures, gift packaging, special collections of real, herbal or flavored teas.
  • Cocoa mixtures . Cocoa and sugar content in the exact ratio you need.
  • Milk and milk substitutes . Fat content and other quality parameters are of your choice.
  • Protective and functional drinks . Do you need a functional drink that will have a perfect composition and taste? We are here for you.
  • Porridges, proteins, dry mixtures . Our domain encompasses not only drinks, but also instant food. We have experience with a wide range of products for specific dietary needs of the consumers.


Miroslav Formánek
National Sales Manager CZ & SK
+420 727 941 863
Martina Košťálová
Head of Customer Center
+420 602 740 100