Drinking with the help of technology has many pluses for the dining room

In our dining room, we have been using a double camber whirlpool (each container has a volume of 12 liters) for the second year. Previously, we used the "classic" system. The cooks poured drinks into glasses, spent a lot of time, and then drank in the dining room during the expenses, for example, an hour and a half. When he wanted to add a board meal, he had to ask for a window.

Changing this system was one of the priorities after my arrival and at that time we had increased the number of boarders and needed to free up our hands.

Drinking with the help of technology has many pluses for us - it saves time, saves work requirements, ensures basic hygiene standards. Because we can respond beautifully to current consumption, we also save water and raw materials.

We use strong 100% concentrates and the drinks are always fresh and crisp thanks to the chopper. And pouring the children themselves, they don't put down the glass after drinking and don't go after others, actually saving water and energy to wash their cups.

The drinks are very tasty, the most popular is Tropic, the second place was fought with the novelty of mango and the third place is held by pure apple. Teachers are popular with beets and apples.

The great thing is that it actually costs us nothing to outsource this useful technology, we take the raw material from Ag Foods and they provide it to us for free.

For me, the Whirlpool Cofrimell is a great thing, we wouldn't want to work in the cafeteria without it, 100% recommend it to any school cafeteria!

Head of the school canteen, Bzovík

We have been using beverage technology in the dining room for a long time. We first used a single-chamber heater, and when it reached the end of its life, we chose a new two-chamber one.

A clear advantage of this solution is the fact that drinks do not restrict employees at all. Sometimes we just add water according to the current consumption.

In addition, children are very fond of all fruit drinks, currently the most popular mango is probably the most popular.

Corfimell Whirlpools are definitely recommended to any canteen management, it is definitely a step forward.

Head of the school canteen, Tlmače Elementary School