Fruit and vegetable drinks - healthy and very attractive for children

Proper drinking is important for all of us. This is doubly true for the proper development of a child's body and even more so with the coming spring, summer and warm weather.

Here are some tips on how to set up a drinking regime in your canteen that is healthy, attractive to diners and saves your staff even more work. Dried beverages, also known as instant or soluble beverages, have their own specific benefits. They are easy to handle and their simple preparation speeds up the running of the school kitchen.

Their fruit and vegetable juice content also makes them suitable for inclusion in school canteen menus. This means that schools can use dried drinks as a practical and easy option to offer their pupils nutritious and tasty drinks.

For detailed information on how such drinks are made and all their benefits, see the article Dried drinks are suitable for all ages.

Dissolvable drinks bring convenience and versatility to the school canteen. They are perfectly soluble in both cold and hot water, making them the perfect choice for any occasion. Preparation is quite simple and time-saving, usually just adding water or another liquid is all that's needed.

In the same way, dispensing can be done without having to devote a lot of time and energy. With the Cofrimell beverage dispenser you will be assured of a quick and hygienic dispensing of chilled beverages. The Cofrimell vortex dispenser is characterised by its easy operation, maintenance and low running costs. Depending on the number of beverages to be prepared, you can choose a unit with one, two or three 12-litre containers.

The quality of the specific drinks is confirmed by the fact that the recipe of each drink always contains dried juice according to the specific flavour, not based on apple juice, as is common on the market.

For example, in one serving of Carrot Drink you will find 10 grams of carrot and 4 grams of apple, or in Agiberia Mango & Orange you will find 5 grams each of mango and orange.

Also interesting is the colouring of the finished drinks, which is of course based mainly on natural colourings.

See specific products and fruit juice ratios:

The little fruit

AGIBERIA Ovocníček Canadian Cranberry and Pear 750g - cranberry juice 8%, pear juice 0.7%, vitamin C

AGIBERIA Mango and orange fruit juice 750g - dried mango powder 7.3%, dried orange juice 2.7%, vitamin C

AGIBERIA Green Cactus Flavoured Fruit 750g - dried mango powder 4.7%, dried lime juice 1.3%, vitamin C, complex chlorophyllin copper dye

AGIBERIA Pink Dragon Fruit Flavoured Fruit Roll 750g - dried apple juice 5,3 %, dried lime juice 2 %, dried beetroot juice 2 %, vitamin C

Drinks containing fruit and vegetables

AGIBERIA Carrot 800g - dried carrot juice 5%, dried apple juice 2,5%

AGIBERIA Pumpkin 800g - dried pumpkin juice 6,2%, apple juice 1,8%

AGIBERIA Beetroot 800g - dried beetroot juice 11,2%, dried apple juice 2,5%, dried carrot juice 1,2%

AGIBERIA Winter Punch 800g - dried pumpkin juice 12,5%

Iced tea Iced tea

AG Ice Tea black with peach flavour 750g - black tea extract 0.7%, vitamin C

AG Ice Tea green with cactus flavour 750g - green tea extract 0.7%, vitamin C, copper chlorophyllin complexes.