Personal data protection


According to Art. 13, GDPR



1.1.      This document contains information regarding protection of personal data provided by web site and, visitors, our clients and people interested in our products and services.

1.2       The purpose of this document is to inform you (data subjects) about your rights and provide you with intelligible information about your data processing.  

1.3.      We appreciate your faith in providing us with your data, so we already process your data in accordance with the law č. 101/2000 Sb., about the personal data protection and also General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). Clicking the number in the previous sentence you will get directly to the full version of the document to which we refer in the following text.

1.4.      The content of the following text:

  1.       Content and purpose of the document
  2.       The controller – who we are, how to contact us
  3.       Which personal data we collect and how we collect them
  4.       What is the purpose of collecting and processing the data, for how long    and what allows us to do that.
  5.       Information of your rights regarding personal data protection.
  6.       Other important information regarding your rights



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3.1.      We process data which you provide us yourselves. In specific cases it can be data from filled forms on website, created user account, provided data for creating contracts (regarding goods and services supply), during personal, telephone, e-mail contact or other ways of communication (sms, instant messages in applications like Skype, FB messenger).

3.2.      We can also process data you post in the internet, especially social networks (like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and information from public registers (especially for the purpose of checking the identification data in the contracts).

3.3.      In case we need consent for processing any of your data for specific purpose, we only process the data after getting consent.

3.4.      You only provide us with your data voluntarily. Just in specific cases, we wouldn´t be able to deliver ordered goods without having your data (i.e. if we should send it to an address which you wouldn´t tell us). You provide us with obligatory data only in cases directly defined by law.  

3.5.      Some personal data could be of special categories, i.e. sensitive data, where the law sets more severe conditions for its processing.

3.6.      Current personal data we process:

            Name, surname, address, company ID, telephone number, e-mail, IP address, cookies, information regarding ordered/bought goods and services, photographs/videos from our public events you participated.

3.7.      We do not process any special categories of personal data.



4.1.      Personal data processing for the purpose of entering into a contract and performance of contractual obligations

To be able to enter into a contract with you and deliver goods ordered by yourselves and keep the related communication, we process following data: Name, surname, degree, address, company ID, telephone number and e-mail.

The legal basis of the processing these data is the performance of contractual obligations for the contract between us. Such obligation could be delivering ordered goods. It doesn´t have to be signed written contract. It can be also oral contract via telephone or filled ordering form on the web approved by us.

For this purpose, we process the data for the period of duration of the contract. After completion of the contract, some of the data are kept for compliance of legal obligations.

4.2.      Processing the personal data for the compliance of legal obligations: accounting, tax and other law regulations

To reach the compliance of legal obligations especially regarding accounting, tax and archiving, we process these data: Name, address, degree, company ID and VAT number.  The processing time is set directly by relevant law regulations.

4.3.      Personal data processing for the purpose of the legitimate interest of our company or a third party.

The legitimate interest covers various situations, we process the date because of:

  • The legitimate interest is the protection of our rights and legal claims, especially from contracts. For this purpose, we process the data for 4 years after completion the contract or our last contact. This period is set because of the limitation period for the claims, taking into account the fact that we do not have to find out immediately after the claim was raised. For this purpose, we process the data from contracts and our communication.
  • The legitimate interest is also direct marketing. For sending business messages we process these data of our clients: name, surname, address, e-mail address. You can easily terminate sending business messages to your e-mail via clicking the link in the e-mail. If we used classical printed way, telephone call or any other communication way like skype, messenger for the direct marketing, we will respect your discordance if you let us know.

4.4.      Personal data processing upon your approval.

If you approve, we will process your personal data for sending you business messages. We need your approval in case you are not our client yet. If you provide us with another approval, we will process your data for sending business messages from our business partners.

Before providing us with your consent, we will inform you about the data we will process and the purpose. You can withdraw the consent any time. However, if we process your data upon any other legitimate interest, we will keep processing them even after the withdrawal, as your consent is not necessary for this purpose.

4.5.      Accessibility of the personal data to third party

To reach the compliance of legal or contractual obligations we need help of other entities in position of processors. It is especially accounting office, law office, data storage provider, software applications provider etc. We entered into contracts with our processors regarding the data protection to keep your data safe.

The personal data will be opened up to administrative authorities in case of obligation imposed by law. (in case of controls where the authority is authorized to ask the data)



5.1.      Right to access to the personal data  

This is the right to confirm whether we do process your personal data and if yes, so to access to the information about its processing.

5.2.      Right to rectification

This is the right to rectificate incorrect personal data we process. You have right to ask us to amend your incomplete personal data.

5.3.      Right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”)

In cases set by law or GDPR, you have right to ask us to erase your personal data (in GDPR the reasons are stated in art. 17, including exceptions when the erasure will not be done).

5.4.      Right to restriction of the processing

In cases set by art. 18 GDPR you have right to ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data.

5.5.      Right to data portability

Under conditions set by art. 20 GDPR you have right to get your personal data and give them to another controller. If this is technically feasible, you have right to transfer the data directly to another controller.

5.6.      Right to object

In case we process your personal data for the purpose of the legitimate interest, you have right to object against such processing. And then we will stop processing your personal data if our legitimate interest doesn´t outweigh your interest or rights. If the legitimate interest is the direct marketing, then objecting always leads to terminating processing the personal data for the purpose of direct marketing.

5.7.      Right to raise a complaint at supervisory authority

If you think that your rights regarding personal data protection are violated, you have right to raise a complaint at supervisory authority. For more information about the authority and personal data protection please see



6.1.      In case you have any other question regarding your personal data processing in our company, you can contact us at Sending a message to this e-mail address or to the address stated above, you can exercise your rights from art. 5. Please note we can contact you to prove your identity regarding the request. As well as for the potential telephone or other communication.

6.2.      Actual version of this document can be found at our web site This  version is effective since od 1.2.2020