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Uniqueness of Chicory is based directly on the raw material used and its rediscovered healthy properties. The high content of inulin makes chicory root basically a superfood. The traditional drink, which was an integral part of our grandmothers' diet, has returned in a new form and with new added value.

Chicory drinks are a popular alternative to coffee substitute drinks. Chicory is a plant, beneficial to the human body, that supports digestion. Chicory coffee is made from crushed roasted chicory roots. Roasting the root caramelizes the contained sugars and creates coffee aroma and color. Unlike coffee, it does not contain caffeine and is therefore suitable for children and nursing mothers.

Many cafes and bistros enlarge their regular coffee offer with coffee substitute drinks, known as e.g. Chicoricina, Chicory Latté, and other original alternatives to regular coffee. Chicory perfectly connects tradition and the modern world thanks to its unique taste and wide range of uses across all segments.

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