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Combine your career with a successful business and production company of purely Czech origin operating on the market of soluble beverages and food since 1990.

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AG FOODS Group a.s.
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Protection of personal data

Privacy Policy recruitment electronically

AG FOODS Group Inc. respects your interest in the protection of personal data provided to us. We would like to inform you about how we use your personal information.

By submitting your personal data, including biographical data presented in the CV sent to HR department of AG FOODS Group as, you consent to the processing and storage in the personal database for the purpose of obtaining employment for your person, and until you withdraw your consent, the longest However, after a period of 1 year.

Framework Statement of Privacy

This Statement of Privacy applies to all personal information that you provide in your application for admission to employment to any other information that you provide in connection with your application and any information obtained about you from other sources, such as former employers, other recommendations, the company provides information on creditworthiness, security firms and other sources. Recruitment AG FOODS Group Inc. these data are processed and your application and personal information will also provide other companies within the AG FOODS Group Inc. and external companies that work with us recruitment cooperate.

Who has access to your data?

At your personal data will be accessed only by recruiters AG FOODS Group Inc. (And relevant managers). Your personal information will only be used in AG FOODS Group Inc. and will not be disclosed to any third party.

How long AG FOODS Group Inc. keep your data?

Personal data of any job seeker will be kept in a database for 12 months since the last update made to the applicant. When applying for a job, you can choose whether you want to have your data after 12 months since your last update left for other possible job opportunities. We welcome when our candidates will update their data as needed.