Drinking with the help of technology has many pluses for the dining room
Your colleagues have already tried them. Check out their experiences that they share with you.
How to choose the best protective drink for your employees

According to the Labor Code, everyone who works in a hot environment has to wear protective drinks - from welders and drivers to construction workers.But how to choose the right drink?

Danubius Fair 2024
In April, we participated in the main gastronomy fair in Slovakia, in Bratislava - Danubius Gastro 2024. There were hundreds of exhibitors covering food, drinks and technology in two halls
Fruit and vegetable drinks - healthy and very attractive for children

Proper drinking is important for all of us. This is doubly true for the proper development of a child's body and even more so with the coming spring, summer and warm weather.

6th Annual Serial Killer Festival

We have been a partner of the Brno series festival Serial Killer for the 3rd year. The Serial Killer festival brings to Brno the top of European series production from both commercial and public television productions.


AG FOODS in Brno started this autumn season spectacularly - they organized an Open Day, which took place on October 11, 2023. The event was an invitation for customers from various sectors, including Food Service, HORECA and Vending, to take a look behind the scenes of our business and discover, what new can we offer