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Fruity crushed ice. Summer in full swing. Packed swimming pool. It all has one name: AGIBERIA. An incredible number of colors, flavors and shapes. Scenery where AG FOODS fulfills the children's dreams full of cotton candy and swings. Discover with us the world of children's fantasies, full of funny characters, popsicles, and enjoyment in early evening summer park. It's about feeling. It's about taste.

Agiberia is one of our flagships that will always bring you reliably to your destination. We offer complete solutions from technology to special cups and suitable straws.

Simply said, we will solve your seasonal operation, including installation and service, delivery of mixtures for preparation of crushed ice, frappé, lemonade and other cold and hot drinks from Agiberia range.

As we are familiar with the sector we supply to we know for sure that simplicity of preparation is the way to success. Therefore, we put emphasis on a quick and easy method of the final drink preparation, whether hot or cold, so that it can be served by both an experienced bar attender and a student on his first summer job.

Agiberia is the best partner for a successful summer at the swimming pool and a unique winter on the mountain slopes. It is also a suitable helper in year-long operations, which are happy to offer a wide selection of drinks, emphasize quality, and at the same time do not like things that are too complicated. Agiberia can do both, warm you up or cool you down, as well as rase the spirits of kids or grown-ups.

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