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Range of products proudly bearing the name of our company. All these products meet strict criteria of social sphere, hospital catering, and other catering operation requirements.

The base of our production consists mainly of beverages. Teas, syrups, flavors, coffees, and other. But we also produce dry mixes for cooking - custards, porridges, doughs etc. And in addition to mixes, we supply side dishes, spices, and other durable food for canteens.

Our products comply with demands of the most important health institutions, such as IKEM in Prague. We are equally involved in creating menus for hospitals and senior homes. Products in AG range meet specific dietary needs of people with various health restrictions and therefore constitute a tasty and healthy diet with a comprehensive set of nutrients.

Professionally developed mixtures are suitable for preparation of healthy and nutritionally balanced meals. They are intended mainly for use in mass catering, and they eliminate the necessity to keep considerable stock of fresh ingredients and their subsequent processing. AG FOODS takes care and responsibility for maintaining the quality of raw materials. These products do not contain any artificial colorants or chemical preservatives.

AG FOODS combines valuable raw materials, their gentle processing, subsequent simple preparation, great taste and unbeatable price (thanks to own production) into one complete unit. AG FOODS courageously expresses what was inconceivable in the past years - "instant equals healthy and healthy equals instant".

Where can you buy these products?

Products suitable for end consumers can be found on our e-shop

Company customers can contact our customer center. We will arrange a meeting with our sales representative or create access to our B2B portal. Contact us at our kontakty