6th Annual Serial Killer Festival

We have been a partner of the Brno series festival Serial Killer for the 3rd year. The Serial Killer festival brings to Brno the top of European series production from both commercial and public television productions. Enzo primarily took care of the three-day TV Days conference with a program for television and film professionals, journalists and the academic community. It provides an overview and reflection of European and global television trends, serial news from foreign and domestic broadcasters, inspiring presentations and lectures by successful creators and the know-how of television representatives and key players on the market.

Furthermore, Enzo took care of visitors at Scén Česká Televize on Moravské náměstí and, in cooperation with Výčep Na stojáka, at the TV Nova Stage, where e.g. Masterchef or the Na lovu competition took place live.

The festival itself was visited by around 3,000 people, and the accompanying events reached another 10,000 people.