Coffees are without doubt one of the basic products dispensed in various forms from vending machines.

Coffee beans are roasted by leading Italian producers and are synonymous with top quality.

Our range includes all types of coffees manufactured with the aid of modern production technologies currently available on the market.

Coffee drinks

We offer an excellent range of coffee drinks under the Venda Chocco brand which will certainly find a permanent place in your portfolio. All of the mixtures are known for their problem-free mechanical properties in machines, their rich foam and great aroma. Our offer includes mixtures to suit absolutely everybody.

Pleasant milky drink mixtures are available with a superb aroma, great flavoured coffee drinks and also premium products with a higher cocoa powder content which gives the final drink a full chocolate flavour.

Milk substitutes

Milk substitutes are a very important part of the products offered by our company. The wide range includes classic creamers containing coconut oil, toppings and granulated milk, right through to 100% dried milk with no added sugar. Every operator will certainly find the ideal one for their machines.


Venda Cappuccinos are coffee drink mixtures, designed for preparing superb cappuccinos in vending machines. We also recommend using these products combined with coffee, the result being the unique Moccaccino drink. The products in this category contain a high content of high quality dried coffee together with the respective flavouring.

ICE Milky Shake

Venda ICE Milky Shake is a popular range of milk shakes with a wide range of flavours which have been modified according to modern trends in vending drinks. The drinks can be dispensed hot or cold. The products do not contain aspartame as a sweetener and are very popular, especially with children.

Teas and tea specialities

The wide Venda Tea range includes classic black and red teas in many flavours. The quality of the black teas is emphasised by their content of very high quality Ceylon tea extract which enhances their distinct flavour and aroma. On the other hand, the range of red teas contains extract of hibiscus which combined with the flavouring creates a pleasant taste that is especially liked by children.

Our assortment contains a wide range of specialities including: Venda Lemon Tea, Hotfruits and Hotherbs – hot drinks with fruit and herbal flavours.


AG FOODS soups are a great snack option for all types of vending machines. Our soup mixtures have a distinctive flavour and are extremely filling, thanks to which they outclass any other soup on the market.


Vending sugar from our company is ideal for your vending machines. This is beet sugar with no aromatic additives and colourings. High quality triplex foil ensures the sugar isprotected against moisture which minimises any loss until the sugar is poured in the machine. It is suitable for sweetening all drinks (coffees, teas and other drinks).