MIXTURES for your success!

Welcome to the most successful manufacturer of vending mixtures in Central Europe. Products for your success! Great machine and great operator cannot get along without  VENDAmixtures which offer delicious taste experience.

Products, under the brand name VENDA, are manufactured in modern production facility using advanced technologies. Careful selection of the best materials, computer-controlled manufacturing processes and also, for example, the so-called dynamic weights to check the weight of each package, guarantee to customer a constant quality of VENDA products. High and constant products quality is the main reason why an increasing number of beverage machine operators choose VENDA.

The range of VENDA line extends from basic products – chocolate mixtures VENDA CHOCCO and creamers VENDA CREAMER, through black teas and cappuccino mixtures, to the real specials, sought after by many customers from Glasgow to Vladivostok.

Among the favorite products belongs VENDA RED TEA – fruit tea in several flavours, where the natural hibiscus base of the product (of course, without dyes and preservatives) is recognized and sought after by customers for its excellent taste.

VENDA CHOCCO WHITE – is a white chocolate which has a number of supporters, especially among children and young people. The balanced flavour attracts them to consume this drink repeatedly

Unique products are the VENDA ICE MILK SHAKE – mixtures for the cold preparation of milk cocktails. They are used in machines using so-called “cold unit” – a device for cooling water, with the possibility of regular hot-water washing. Due to placing of machine with VENDA ICE MILK SHAKE we not only reach customers who do not prefer standard offer of drink machines, but it is also an interesting opportunity to increase sales.

Also, numerous projects for the OCS in Central Europe are a major challenge for the AG FOODS Group Inc. Our team is ready to meet the specific demands of each customer on the characteristics and uniqueness of product, private-label packaging and logistics. In connection with private-label for OCS we introduced some exciting new products on the market last year that satisfy the demanding criteria of this market.

VENDA products bring to the vending welcome innovations, enabling operators to expand the portfolio and enhance the attractiveness of the offered drinks and coffee specialties, which is a precondition for satisfying customer’s increasing demands.