Chocco Cream

chcChocco Cream brand cocoa drinks are without doubt some of the best in this category and you will not find many products of a similar quality on the market. This is a superb drink mixture with a thick creamy consistency and delicious flavour. These are the ideal addition to coffee and other concepts. Apart from the traditional dark and white chocolate, we also offer a limited edition with raspberry and mint flavours. Our range includes all flavours of CHOCCO CREAM in a single-portion pack and the dark flavour also in a 640g pack for Ugolini chocolate machines, which are particularly liked by cafés and confectioners that serve a lot of customers.

Hotfruits / Hotherbs

hotHOT category drinks have been a fixed part of our range for many years. These are mixtures for preparing superb hot drinks with fruit or herbal taste.

The basis is dried fruit or herbs combined with extracts or other ingredients to create a harmonious drink with a unique, intensive flavour and aroma. The drinks do not contain artificial colourings, preservatives or sweeteners.

Our offer includes a wide range of flavours to suit all tastes.

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ICE Frappé powder

faeFrappé Avalanche Effect is a very popular, refreshing drink with a full milky flavour. It is particularly suitable for hot summer days, prepared together with milk or water and ice cubes. Customers will certainly love the traditional “Avalanche effect”, the thick foam and full fruity flavour.

Icy Fruity to go

iciyfrIcy Fruity to go is an original mixture for preparing slush drinks using recipes by AG FOODS. The superb taste, aroma and permanency of the colour of the slush for the whole preparation and dispensing period is proof of the highest possible quality. Simplicity of preparation is a great advantage over most competing products.