Bencini Caffé

bencini cafféBencini Caffé is an exclusive selection of beans that guarantees premium quality in every cup. The coffee is roasted in a traditional Italian roasting plant which uses only state-of-the-art technology.

This mixture of carefully selected coffee beans is a combination of a high percentage of Brazilian and Central American Arabica and balanced Robusta from selected plantations in Asia. Bencini caffé is particularly suitable when preparing milk-based specialities. But customers will certainly also love the unique taste of espressos in this range. The unconventional, playful design of Bencini Caffé will appeal above all to the younger generation.

Bencini caffé is suitable for customers operating cafés and restaurants but it is also great for the popular “to go” form thanks to our varied range of branded paper cups.

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Dordoni Caffé

dordoni cafféDordoni Miscela Extra is a traditional product from Carraro Caffé which is synonymous with top quality espresso, not only in Italy but also the world over. The balanced ratio of selected Arabica and Robusta beans gives this coffee the unique velvety taste of Italian espresso. The features of Miscela Extra are its superb compact crema, lingering fruity aroma and full flavour.

Caffé Dordoni is suitable for a wide range of use in gastronomy operations of all kinds. It is ideal for preparing long espressos and milk-based coffee specialities which are becoming ever more popular.

Other coffees and drink mixtures

Our company’s current offer for the HoReCa segment also includes a comprehensive range of instant coffees, which are particularly used for breakfast systems in hotels, petrol stations and places with mass coffee and coffee drinks dispensing. The choice of coffee depends only on the customer’s preferences.

We supply freeze dried, agglomerated and spray-dried coffees. An essential part of the offer for this category of customers is milk substitutes, a wide range of cocoa drinks and many other products that are ideal for mass self-service dispensing.