Company AG FOODS Group a. s. is a specialist in the field of production and distribution of drink mixtures for more than twenty years. During this period, we passed through various stages. You can see main “life” milestones of our aromatic plant below.

  • April 1990
    start-up under the name Agroinform, Ing. Jiri Jizdny
  • May 1993
    1st production: Vitamaxima Tropical – multivitamin drink
  • 1996
    establishment of a sister company in Slovakia
  • 1998
    establishment of a sister company in Hungary
  • 1999
    establishment of a sister company in Poland
  • 1999
    rename of company to AG FOODS s.r.o.
  • 2000
    ISO 9002 certification
  • 2002
    construction of a new production and distribution centre in Kosikov
  • 2003
    ISO 9001:2001 and HACCP certification
  • 2003
    transformation of limited company AG FOODS s.r.o. to joint-stock company AG FOODS Group a.s. on 1st January 2004
  • 2009
    founding of an affiliated company in Russia
  • 2010
    20th anniversary of AG FOODS Group a.s.
  • 2010
    sale of the company to the Dutch investment fund AVALLON MBO FUND
  • 2011
    IFS/BRC certification
  • 2012
    obtaining funding for purchase of a new packaging machine
  • 2013
    defence of IFC/BRC certification