The IFS certificates approve that AG FOODS company meets the requirements for the delivery of safe and healthy food.

IFS = International Food Standard has been created in cooperation with German retail federation and its French counterpart for assessment of suppliers, especially private brands, but also producers themself such as AG FOODS.

Company AG FOODS Group a.s. concluded an agreement on associated compliance with company EKO-KOM, a.s. It fulfils its obligations regarding take-back and recovery of packaging waste in accordance to § 13, subs. 1, point c) of the Packaging Act since 1st April 2002 and joined the System of Associated Compliance EKO-KOM under the client number EK-F04000048 on the whole territory of the Czech Republic.

Company AG FOODS Group a.s. is a member of Society for Nutrition CR, Chamber of Commerce and Czech Vending Association.