Bencini Caffé

Unique harmony in every cup

Bencini Caffé basis consists of premium coffee blends made in coffee-roasting plants with many-years’ experience in the field. The coffee blend profile corresponds with the current trends, particularly of Central European markets. The entire coffee concept is then formed by unique combination of coffee flavour and youthful, unconventional approach to the branch design.

Thanks to its treatment and characteristic components, Bencini Caffé can be served in several ways and it always attracts coffee lovers’ attention.

It is possible to be used in cafés or restaurants where coffee is served in traditional way, it means in porcelain with appropriate additional products.

For these purposes, we offer a quality coffee service in a modern design, including non-traditional coffee supplement in the form of delicious caramel waffle.

Another way on how Bencini Caffé might be offered to coffee enthusiasts is through “Coffee to go” sales concept. The part of our offer therefore are quality paper cups including lids in Bencini Caffé design and wide marketing support tailored to every customer’s needs.

Bencini Caffé is therefore not only a synonym for premium quality coffee, but also a modern, complex solution that has been giving a new direction since its launching, having gained a lot of satisfied customers.

Bencini Caffé a unique selection of beans which guarantee the best quality in every cup. The coffee uniqueness is accentuated by roasting by a traditional producer that is a synonym for top espresso not only in Italy.

Tailored coffee blend of carefully selected coffee beans is blended from high-percentage Brazilian and Central American Arabica and Robusta from exclusive plantations of Asian region.

Bencini Caffé is characteristic for its balanced, slightly sweet aromatic flavour of earthy tones, which is suitable for wide use in gastronomy of any kind.

It can be used especially during preparation of milk specialties; customers, however, will also appreciate the unique profile of short espresso.

The coffee basic profile:

  • balanced, slightly sweet flavour
  • pleasant aroma full of fruit tones
  • excellent crema
  • ideal for preparation of both milk specialties and short coffees

Country of origin of coffee beans:

Characteristics of coffee in a cup:

Additional products and support

Bencini Caffé pays great attention to the own brand image and that is not the only reason why it offers a range of its products and additional products for preparing and serving coffee, elaborated to the smallest detail.

Coffee additional products
pcs in pack
Bencini waffle
Bencini white sugar
Bencini cane sugar
Bencini coffee cream

Coffee service is characterized by a modern, unconventional line emphasizing the porcelain shape.

Bencini Caffé porcelain
pcs in pack
Bencini Caffé Espresso cup
Bencini Caffé Lungo cup
Bencini Caffé Cappuccino cup
Bencini Caffé Latté Macchiatto glass
Water glass 9 ml
Milk jug
Oval coaster – stainless, 27 cm

“Coffee to go” concept – BenciniCaffé paper cups.

"To go" additional products
pcs in pack
Bencini Caffé cup 0,1 l
Bencini Caffé cup 0,2 l
Bencini Caffé cup 0,3 l
VCoffee TO GO lid

Advertising articles

pcs in pack
Bencini Caffé menu
Bencini Caffé napkins
Bencini Caffé poster A2
Bencini Caffé art pen
Bencini Caffé ballpoint pen
Polo Shirt Bencini Caffe
Take a break, have a coffee and BE IN with Bencin Caffé